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Parker offers a selection of air dryer technologies for all applications in the compressed air field.

Parker’s technologies remove moisture and other water vapors from compressed air and gas systems. Complete dryer systems include prefilters, automatic purges, drying towers and manometers. Parker offers more types of filters, configurations and filtration solutions than its competitors. Parker filtration systems are indispensable in virtually all industries worldwide, including transportation / mobile equipment, industrial equipment, the food industry, life sciences, processing industries, marine and power generation.


Since the introduction of the first OIL-X range, Parker domnick hunter has continued to develop compressed air filters and standards governing the quality of compressed air. Subject to ongoing innovation, OIL-X EVOLUTION, which ensures the exact balance between air quality, eco-energy and low operating costs over the life of products, has become the technology of choice leader.


The discharge of contaminated oils from a compressed air system
in the municipal sewer system are not only harmful to the environment, it is usually 
illegal. Parker Domnick Hunter ES2000 Series Water / Oil Separators are a simple, economical and environmentally friendly solution. These Water / Oil separators are part of the compressed air system to remove condensate oil at a permitted level and then return it to the storm sewers.


We distribute Parker Hannifin brand dryers. Reliable products to remove moisture, compressed air vapors and fumes from different gases. Dryers include pre-filters, auto drains, manometers and other components.


This type of refrigerated dryer keeps the system below ambient air (41 ° F dew point) in the room. From this type of refrigerated dryer, several categories are added: continuous cycle or non-cyclic cycle. With the Smart Pack heat exchanger, minimal pressure drops and outstanding performance greatly increase the efficiency of the entire compressed air treatment process. The innovative Smart Control feature automatically and continuously adjusts dryer operation to maximize efficient working conditions to minimize operating costs while maximizing performance.


This type of absorption dryer (-40 ° F to -100 ° F dew point) promotes a dry air quality system. It is easy to install and has an ordinary process in a highly reliable and efficient production operation. Compressed air purification equipment must offer uncompromising performance and reliability while providing the right balance of air quality and the lowest cost of operation.


Transair Offer

Transair offers THE solution for all your compressed air, industrial water, vacuum and neutral gas networks: Fast connection, long-lasting protection, optimal performance and reduced costs required for your network. Transair offers the solution for all your networks of compressed air, industrial water, vacuum and neutral gases:
Fast connection, long-lasting protection, optimal performance and reduced cost needed for your network.


Quick connection

Durable equipment protection, clean and quality air

Transair® eliminates rust problems on steel networks. The Transair® aluminum tube ensures the total absence of corrosion (self-protection by formation of aluminum oxide).
The quality of the internal surface of the tube ensures a lasting cleanliness of the fluid.
Transair® also protects industrial equipment from water attack thanks to integrated gooseneck flanges. Galvanized steel networks attacked by rust after a few years of operation, generate high operating costs.
With constantly clean air / water, Transair’s aluminum and stainless steel tubing ensures longevity of equipment and prevents frequent changes in filtration elem

Optimum efficiency of machines and tools

Transair® networks are instantly installed for immediate pressurization.
No preparation of the tube is necessary.
The components are removable and interchangeable and allow to make changes immediately and easily.
All components are quick-connect, allowing much faster assembly than on a steel or copper network.
Any modification or extension of your Transair installation can be done very quickly to meet the requirements of your production.

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